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bitforms gallery | SF
1275 Minnesota St San Francisco
Daniel Canogar : Surge
Jan 17 - Feb 29 2020 - 1 day left
Surge by Daniel Canogar explores how the world of data negotiates its relationship with the physical world. The data-sphere is a driving force of society and the economy, despite its intangible and invisible nature. This lack of visibility makes it difficult to comprehend how big data is impacting daily life. Canogar seeks to materialize the world of data through this series.
Addie Wagenknecht | Siebren Versteeg
Jan 17 - Feb 29 2020 - 1 day left
Addie Wagenknecht examines visibility with tools of culturally defined “feminine” gestures. In her latest series of paintings, a Roomba is reconfigured to spread a lush mixture of cosmetic pigments, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, and skincare across a canvas by way of programmed algorithm. Siebren Versteeg’s exhibited works are continuously generating compositions. On-screen imagery never repeats and is informed by random Google images as well as algorithmic painting gestures programmed by the artist. Opening Reception: Sat, Jan 18, 5-7pm.