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Nicholas Cueva
Nicholas Cueva : Sex Wax
Apr 11 - May 12 2019 - -43 days left
Nicholas Cueva's work examines surfing from a personal perspective, presenting it as a nexus of emotional resonances and fatalistic paradoxes, all the while exploring its intrinsically dynamic formal qualities. Currents of both spiritual ecstasy and menace run throughout the paintings on display. Opening Reception: Thu, Apr 11, 7-9.30pm.
Nicholas Cueva
Chromatic Reveries
Apr 05 - Apr 24 2019 - -61 days left
Chromatic Reveries unites four artists - Audree Anid, Nicholas Cueva, Vincent Dermody, and Darryl Westly - working across painting, sculpture, and found photography. Their practice shares a specific affinity for using the surface as a palimpsest for layering meaning and memory. This exhibition explores the excavation of personal history, fractured realities, and the character of the cities where these four artists have spent time creating. Curators: Michael Fleming, Olivia Swider, Rachel Tretter. Opening Reception: Fri, Apr 5, 6-9pm.
Nicholas Cueva