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Galerie NeC - Nilsson et Chiglien - Vielle Temple
117, rue du Vielle Temple Paris
+33 1 42 77 88 83
mardi - samedi : 11h - 19h30
Steen Ipsen : Reflections
Sep 05 - Oct 19 2019
Steen Ipsen shows the 2 exhibitions “Coloured Reflections” and “Black Reflections”. All the works are made by hand without any kind of computer or digital technique. Ipsen lay down his own rules in the way he structures his works. You can see the works as geometric systems based on organic and mineral growth such as crystallization or human creature. For the exhibition you will see e.g. ball objects, ellipse objects and some other objects. Vernissage : jeudi, 5 septembre, 18h-21h.