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Ellsworth Gallery
215 E Palace Ave Santa Fe
Thursday - Sunday: 11 am - 6 pm
Full Circle: Doug Coffin, from Far East to Southwest
Jul 12 - Sep 03 2019 - 14 days left
Full Circle: Doug Coffin, from Far East to Southwest is an exhibition that integrates our previously divided areas of concentration. The exhibition title, Full Circle, refers as much to the graphic forms present throughout Coffin’s work as it does to the sense of “coming full circle,” to reconsidering the relation between Western artists and Eastern aesthetics. Opening Reception: Fri, Jul 12, 5-7pm.
Dylan McLaughlin : Resonant Affect
Aug 02 - Sep 08 2019 - 19 days left
Dylan McLaughlin’s photographic imagery is simultaneously disorienting and alluring. First entranced by texture and palette, it is only upon approaching the image more closely that the viewer may realize that what they are viewing is not an abstraction but a clear documentation of man’s insertion of himself into the natural landscape. Opening Reception: Fri, Aug 2, 5-7pm.
Chaz John : Rez Dogs II
Aug 09 - Oct 15 2019 - 56 days left
Chaz John’s work co-opts tropes of Western culture, often seen as empty symbols of class consumption, repurposing them in order to honor the rez dog. From the chiaroscuro and dynamism of his palette to the addition of gilded Rococo frames and ceramic figurines, John’s inspirations from the Western canon range from Caravaggio and through the Baroque, to the interior decoration of the landed gentry of British aristocracy. Opening Reception: Fri, Aug 9, 5-7pm.