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Art House - Thoma Foundation
231 Delgado St Santa Fe
Thurs - Sat: 10 am - 5 pm
Digital Artifacts
Nov 30 - Nov 30 2019 - 102 days left
The thematic installation Digital Artifacts brings together the work of five internationally renowned artists to consider contemporary digital culture in a wholly new way—from the perspective of future archaeologists uncovering its remnants. Featuring works by artists Michal Rovner, Casey Reas, Guillermo Galindo, Josh Tonsfeldt, and Sabrina Gschwandtner, Digital Artifacts emphasizes the material aspects of technology in a field that increasingly prioritizes simulated experiences in immaterial spaces, as in online communities or multiplayer video games.
Ivan Navarro : Red Ladder
Nov 30 - Dec 31 2020 - 499 days left
Ivan Navarro has consistently used electronic light as an expressive and inspiring material, such as Red Ladder, which evokes a fictional portal for escape to an alternate reality.
Leo Villareal : Particle Field
Mar 22 - Feb 29 2020 - 193 days left
This artwork is in a constant state of creation. Leo Villareal programmed Particle Field to generate a live, ever-changing composition. Its custom code is vital to the artwork's identity and experience. Opening Reception: Fri, Mar 22, 12-7pm.
Christa Sommerer, Laurent Mignonneau : People on the Fly
Jun 14 - May 31 2020 - 285 days left
In this interactive installation, People on the Fly attracts a virtual swarm of houseflies to a visitor’s captured image using the artists' custom swarming algorithm. With this algorithm, only bodies in motion will invite the flies. Opening Reception: Fri, Jun 14, 5-7pm.