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Wilensky Gallery
173 10th Ave New York
Monday - Saturday: 11 am - 6 pm
Ancient Treasures: Fossils from The Eocene
May 09 - Aug 03 2019 - 17 days left
Fifty million years ago, southwestern Wyoming’s tropical freshwater lake was filled with life—turtles, fish, crocodiles, and plants. Today the petrified lake has transformed into a stunning quarry of fossils, embedding the past into layers of stone. Beautifully preserved, the fossils are meticulously removed by the Green River Stone Company, one of the world’s leading experts in fossil preparation and preservation. A stunning example of natural art, selects of the company’s finest murals will be on display in “Ancient Treasures: Fossils from The Eocene,” from May 9th-August 3rd 2019, at the Wilensky Gallery. Perfect for collectors, interior designers, museums, and art lovers alike, the exhibition will highlight important pieces from the Eocene’s natural creations in Wyoming.
Summer Gems
Jul 11 - Sep 28 2019 - 73 days left
Art is inspired by nature, often elevated to greatness by its adaptation and heightened aesthetic. Nihonga creates from nature, using natural mineral pigments as the base for painting—part of a longstanding artistic tradition. Coming from a practice that is thousands of years old, with evidence remaining at sites such as Lascaux and Altamira, Nihonga embraces nature-derived color, transforming minerals onto materials such as washi (Japanese paper) and eginu (silk). “Summer Gems," hosted at the Sato Sakura Gallery, juxtaposes paintings by Nihonga artists alongside many of the world’s finest mineral specimens, in conjunction with Wilensky. The resulting duality of minerals alongside paintings is a celebration of contrasting color, light, balance, and composition.