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Pace Gallery - 540 West 25th Street
540 W 25th St New York
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm
Peter Hujar : Master Class
Sep 14 - Oct 19 2019
Featuring a selection of Peter Hujar’s black-and-white portraits acquired by Richard Avedon in the 1970s, the exhibition examines the photographer’s idiomatic approach to portraiture that treated each photograph as a stand-alone object, capable of evoking complex emotions and expressions.
Fred Wilson
Sep 14 - Oct 19 2019
The exhibition will showcase the evolution of Fred Wilson’s celebrated chandelier sculptures.
Alexander Calder
Sep 14 - Oct 26 2019
Alexander Calder is renowned for the invention of the mobile, a kinetic construction of suspended abstract elements that describe individual movements, moving and balancing in changing harmony.
Loie Hollowell
Sep 14 - Oct 19 2019
Loie Hollowell’s paintings, originating in autobiography, explore themes of sexuality, often through abstractions of the human body and an emphasis on female forms.
David Hockney
Sep 14 - Oct 19 2019
Capturing the arrival of spring in Normandy, these works emphasize David Hockney’s ability to unite multiple spatial and temporal experiences of a place into a single image.