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New Release Gallery
60 Mulberry St New York
Friday - Sunday: 12 - 6 pm
Mess Hall
Jul 10 - Jul 27 2019 - 5 days left
New Release is pleased to present the launch of Mess Hall, a new culinary journal created by Tate A.K. Obayashi. This first volume is the Hometown Issue and includes, according to Obayashi, "...nineteen professional eaters from across North America who have graciously shared the unpretentious foods they love, and the nostalgic and sometimes messy stories behind them." Coinciding with the launch, New Release will exhibit seven artists that have at some time or another, with more frequency or less, created works related to the art of cuisine. Artists: Dwayne Butcher, Robert Davis, Katarina Janeckova, Rachel Martin, Jay Miriam, Alex Nelson, Peter Zohore.