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298 Grand St New York
Wednesday - Sunday: 11 am - 6 pm
Joe Nanashe : Composition in White and Green (a small plot of land)
May 22 - Jul 20 2019 - Last day
The all-consuming installation is a play on the classic American structure of a picket fence and green lawn inside a courtyard. This timely installation investigates the current climate of American protectionism. Using the classic symbol of the American suburb, the white picket fence symbolizes the protection of an aspiration that has long been forgotten and turned into a much sinister symbol. Joe Nanashe has turned the AstroTurf lawn into an inaccessible cube and allows the viewer a glimpse of a non-functioning fence and garden resting on its side. Opening Reception: Wed, May 22, 6-8pm.
Muscle Memory
Jun 20 - Aug 02 2019 - 13 days left
Home to both sinew and synapse, Muscle Memory is a group exhibition featuring the work of recent MFA graduates from the University of Connecticut. Featuring the work by Jeanne Ciravolo, Melanie Klimjack, Luke Seward, and River Soma. This exhibition animates our studies of the body as performed through collection, accumulation, gesture and assemblage. By means of painting , sculpture, and video, each artist extends their approach, arriving at a delivery that is both in and of the body. Whether the work is standing on two feet, hanging by its own weight, or emitting a soft glow, its presence materializes tender gestures.
Summer Longing Never Fades
Jun 20 - Aug 02 2019 - 13 days left
Summer Longing Never Fades is a group exhibition that takes its direct inspiration from the summer with its sultry promises: long nights of joy, love and pleasure. With the longest days ahead we’re featuring the work of four artists: Tommy Kha, Elissa Medina, Joe Nanashe, and Ruben Natal-San Miguel, who interpret these ideas through boldness, bright colors and humor. On view will be photography and ceramics.
Marja Samsom : The Grape Dress
Jul 25 - Jul 25 2019
We are excited to invite you to our Special Summer Evening on Thursday July 25 for the performance and screening of a new work by Marja Samsom , conceptual and downtown performance artist, active since the 70’s till now, owner of the the Kitchen Club, known also under the pseudonyms Miss Kerr, FlavorDJ & #Mbhave. Honing her skills throughout the years, her work manifests itself through a wide query of the performance platform using storytelling, song, S8Films, stage decor, personification, music, light and even food. These often humorous performances offer the viewer a unique way to engage / participate while exploring : gender, femininity through personal strives and victories. Her work has been featured at such venues as De Appel Arts Center, Amsterdam; Participant Inc. NYC; the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, the Netherlands and in her own Kitchen Club downtown NYC. She has been featured in publications such as FILE magazine, Artforum International, Flash Art and Art in America.