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Lichtundfire Art Gallery
175 Rivington St New York
Wednesday - Saturday: 12 - 6 pm, Sunday: 1 - 6 pm
Jul 05 - Jul 27 2019 - 11 days left
WHERE COLOR LIGHTLY TREADS Group Exhibition with Work in All Media Positioned to Color -- Gretl Bauer, Sonia Bombart, Vian Borchert, Patricia Crotty, Leslie Ford & Sallie Strand. Exhibition Dates: July 5 - July 27, 2019 ARTIST RECEPTION: WEDNESDAY, JULY 10 from 5:30 - 8:30 PM ARTIST TALK/ EXHIBITION WALK THROUGH/ Q & A, RECEPTION: WEDNESDAY, JULY 17, 6 - 8 PM Press Release: Lichtundfire is pleased to present WHERE COLOR LIGHTLY TREADS, an exhibition by six artists with work in all media, painting, works on paper and sculpture; positioned to color and emphasizing the thoughtful and careful application of color in relation to the medium, composition, texture, or use of materials. In this exhibition color as a common denominator appears by way of integration—expressing a balanced correlation with the materials or the composition rather than by dominance. While the works in the exhibition show and make great use of color, it exists in the overall composition as one element, among others, without sign of usurpation. The six artists in this exhibition use color frequently, deliberately and freely; however, they seek a mutual balance between its overall use and its specific connotations, while perpetuating their own artistic approach that lies deeply embedded in their compositions. Gretl Bauer's mixed media works, situated between painting, drawing and sculpture, combine, besides paint, natural/ organic/ found and processed materials. Bauer's controlled use of color always reflects her use of media and skillfully echoes her poetic titles. Sonia Bombart's work, inspired by the music she listens to while they are conceived, is a playful dance of motion and emotion. An amalgam of personal experiences and chance encounters, it is the source of a rich, diverse and energetic palette that creates a "happy chaos". Vian Borchert's expressionist paintings, descriptive "visual poems" with a distinct choice of color, resonate, both gently and strongly, her personal affinity, feelings and mood. Patricia Crotty's painting and intimate paper collages radiate layered geometric shapes of color that hover over figuration and, in the case of her collages, obscure figure drawings of women, while simultaneously stemming from what lies beneath. Leslie Ford's superb use of color in her series of intimately sized square encaustic paintings in copper, brass and silver grey, each with a shaft-like center and an opening into a colorful abstract view- controls effortlessly its medium and creates a conversation on color, texture and composition. Sallie Strand's expressive paintings are personal and emotional, reflecting her own distinct history and experience. Her palette ranges from strong to subtle, however always in recognition of her perception and feelings within. WHERE COLOR LIGHTLY TREADS is on view at Lichtundfire Tuesday through Saturday, noon - 6 pm. For more information and images of WHERE COLOR LIGHTLY TREADS, and on the ARTIST TALK on WEDNESDAY JULY 17 from 6 - 8 pm, please contact Priska Juschka at info@lichtundfire.com, 917-675-7835, or visit www.lichtundfire.com. Lichtundfire: 175 Rivington Street NY NY 10002 Contact: Priska Juschka, info@lichtundfire.com, Tel: 917-675-7835 Gallery Summer Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 6pm and by appointment www.lichtundfire.com