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558 St Johns Pl Brooklyn
Thursday - Sunday: 1 - 6 pm
Ronen Gamil : Condo/Conundrum
Aug 01 - Aug 30 2019 - 8 days left
Ronen Gamil : Condo Conundrum is a mixed-media sculpture-installation that composes a place to reflect on mass homelessness, on the context of the homeless in urban environments and on the relation between homelessness and pervasive luxury developments. Opening Reception: Sat, Aug 1, 6-9pm.
A.V. Ryan
Aug 10 - Aug 30 2019 - 8 days left
Artist A.V. Ryan will build an environment conducive to contemplation and conversation, with moveable sculptures that the public can use to sit on, where neighbors can linger, become acquainted and spend time together. Opening Reception: Sat, Aug 10, 6-9pm.
18 Stanzas Sung to a Tatar Reed Whistle
Sep 19 - Oct 05 2019
Throughout her career Hanne Tierney has created work that reveal puppetry to be, in essence, the Art of Gesture, and with this work, both as an installation and as a performance, she has realized her vision as closely as she can. Conceived, constructed and performed by Hanne Tierney. Music: Jane Wang. Video Art: Hannah Wasileski. Narrator: Rachel Lu. Lighting Design: Trevor Brown. Co-performer: Brooke Van Hensberger.