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bitforms gallery
131 Allen St New York
Wednesday - Saturday: 11 am - 6 pm, Sunday: 12 - 6 pm
Ideal Contagion
Jul 11 - Aug 18 2019 - 27 days left
Ideal Contagion suggests a much-needed respite from technology as a force or mechanism for acceleration, disruption and interruption, in favor of largely monochromatic primary structures in a quiet, contemplative key. The exhibition as a whole suggests a looming middle future where our current tsunami of data and information—largely blank, implacable and bewildering—is seamlessly internalized by each individual artist as a kind of liquid anima, which in turn becomes the material substrate of their work. Artists: Barry X Ball, Richard Dupont, Peter Gronquist, Jon Kessler, Ted Lawson, and Lynn Hersman Leeson. curator: David Hunt.