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A+E Studios
160 W Broadway New York
Tuesday - Saturday: 2 - 6 pm
Annie Shinn: Both Sides of the Sky
Jun 05 - Aug 30 2019 - 13 days left
A+E Studios is pleased to present, Both Sides of the Sky, a solo exhibition of paintings by Annie Shinn. Throughout her career Shinn has engaged in painting through the lens of abstract landscapes; shifting aesthetics of her work in an ongoing investigation of perspective. In her latest series, Shinn continues to expound on this theme but breaks away from her previous practice of abstract oil painting by experimenting with dye: a challenging, yet creative process that has developed into an almost ritualistic method of building layer upon layer with paint and deconstructing these layers by dying the canvas again and again. The dyed and painted canvases evolve into colorful, ethereal worlds with no clear up or down, left or right. Each piece invites movement across and around it. Striations radiate from multiple horizon lines like topographical cross sections or horizonless landscapes.