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83 Grand St New York
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm
Egan Frantz : Paintings
Sep 05 - Oct 05 2019 - 15 days left
Good paintings, those with intrigue, appeal and tension, ask us to hold competing and simultaneous understandings in mind, and contend with synchronized yet oppositional forces. At odds with the unexpectedness and complexity of Egan Frantz’s works is an effortlessness, an instinctive ease, vital in producing an image that is at once seemingly familiar and impossible to place. This is a show of new images, adamantly straightforward yet enigmatic, that manifest a proprietary power and charged presence.
Lili Jamail : Rollercoaster
Sep 05 - Oct 05 2019 - 15 days left
Lili Jamail’s stoic photographs are marked by an understated tension between internal and external states and spaces. The images on view belong to two familiar categories of photography - portraits and landscapes - and are made with exceptional care and evident technical skill. The pictures share a laconic restraint and a reserved, tense austerity, conveying the calm before the storm or the stunned silence that follows. The show’s title, “Rollercoaster,” suggests extremes - leisure and stress, anticipation and release - and the proximity of hard won control with depths of raw emotion.