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Site:Brooklyn Gallery
165 7th St Brooklyn
+1 718 625 3646
Thursday - Sunday: 1 - 6 pm
Geometric Variation {online exhibition}
Nov 15 - Dec 15 2022 - 15 days left
Focused on surface, material, form, the works gathered here draw our attention to the geometries that shape the world around us. Forms of the Spirit: Martin Benson, Chris May, Lisa Natasha Sousa // Optical Meditations: Beth Fein, Robert Klewitz, Ilina Mustafina, Jessica Rechner // Shaped Places: Barbara Boissevain, Laura De Valencia, Noah Greene-Lowe, Amber Imrie // Sight, Sound, Space: Diane Bush, Susan Chorpenning, Alex Christen-Munoz, Tom Scicluna // Molded Materials: Sharon Brill, Shiho Takahashi, Josh Urso, Madeline Mullinnix // Layered Textures: Marilyn Levin, Merry May, Ruth Simon McRae, Garry Noland, Katie Schutte. Juror: Anthony Graham.