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Abrams Claghorn Gallery
1251 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94706
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm, Sunday: 10 am - 3 pm

C.S. McIntire
Apr 10-Jun 05 2019 - 16 days left
For me, creating is all about connection. The deeper I get into creating, the deeper I drop into and connect with my open, uninhibited, and authentic self. Be it a pairing of intense colors, bold brush strokes, or subtle mark making - I want to convey an energy and emotion to connect with the viewer. I draw inspiration from the colors and forms found in nature and from artists such as De Kooning, Pollock, and Van Gogh
5th Annual Albany High A.P. Group Show
May 04-May 30 2019 - 10 days left
We are pleased to announce our 5th Annual Albany High School advanced placement group show. More details coming soon! Please join us for the reception. Many awards will be announced, plus this is a great chance to meet the artists.
Natasha Dikareva Evolution of Shell Dweller
Jun 01-Jun 30 2019 - 41 days left
Natasha Dikareva’s work expresses the desire for security in an insecure world. Her hybrid figures are both static and animated, withdrawing into their shells yet visually narrating their stories. Engravings and paintings on their surfaces identify their unique experiences and tell us why they might be seeking safety at the moment. As they slowly evolve out from their shells, they see a bright future where the need for hiding is no longer a necessity, when all stories are shared and intertwined through common understanding.
Emerging Artists Show
Jul 02-Aug 30 2019 - 102 days left
Abrams Claghorn Gallery is excited to announce a professional development course designed to mentor and prepare selected artists ahead of a summer exhibition debuting new works!
Maru Hoeber And Ruby Dog Show
Sep 04-Sep 28 2019 - 131 days left
Dog show!!!
Solo Exhibition by Doug Lawler
Oct 03-Oct 29 2019 - 162 days left
Solo Exhibition by Doug Lawler
Solo Exhibition by Ofra Fisher
Nov 03-Dec 01 2019 - 195 days left
Solo Exhibition by Ofra Fisher