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Don Soker Contemporary Art
2180 Bryant St, Suite 205, San Francisco, CA 94110
Friday - Saturday: 12 - 6 pm, Appointments welcomed

Christel Dillbohner
May 11-Jun 22 2019 - 31 days left
In her 10th solo show with Don Soker Contemporary Art, Christel Dillbohner presents “Falling through the Universe” an exhibition of a selection of her experimental cyanotypes, recent paintings and objects. The exhibition’s title refers to a question asked by the artist: “Is Spaceship Earth Falling Through the Universe ?” She believes the current era of a globalized liquid flow of information has radically changed our perception of time and space. Many of us enjoy more mobility, flexibility and freedom; at the same time the world seems less stable, in constant flux and more conflict-ridden. As do many others, Dillbohner often feels inundated by an overflow of information: connected to, and disconnected from, social and political events, observing severe changes in global weather patterns, and then again questioning her belonging and place. He studio is a refuge of sorts where she finds solace in dreaming up luminous paintings that are based on her observations of nature with its eternal cycles. Recently she’s begun to explore the cyanotype process, a camera-less “prototype” of photography. She uses plant matter from her garden and employs sunlight to draw, record and develop shapes and forms on the emulsion covered sheets of paper. The resulting photograms depict not only an organic microscopic world but also flung matter and material into the wider universe. Nothing seems to be stable, all is transitional and fluid. Christel Dillbohner was born in Germany and received her MFA in painting from the FH Köln, former Kölner Werkschule, in 1984. Since 1987 she has lived and worked in California and has exhibited extensively in the USA, Canada, Japan and Europe.