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Art Works Downtown
1337 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm, until 8 pm 2nd Friday

Apr 26-Jun 07 2019 - 18 days left
Coastal celebrates and explores the Bay Area’s broad and diverse coastal region, including inland and sea, from Santa Cruz to Bodega Bay by sharing a collection of artistic interpretations and renditions.
Karyn Gabriel
May 02-Jun 08 2019 - 19 days left
Influenced by shapes and pattern found in urban landscapes and nature, my work pares form its essence revealing the structures surrounding us. I find beauty in the elemental, the slightly brutal yet quiet forms often hidden in plain sight. I explore structure through repetition, modularity and texture. I'm driven to create quiet simplicity from the many and discovering the meditative beauty in the textures created.
Vaidis Valaitis
May 02-Jun 08 2019 - 19 days left
With a background in sculpture and photography, and coming from a computerrelated career, I was fascinated with digital media and quickly drawn to it. Digital painting started reaching its potential with the advancement of digital art programs and the introduction of the graphics tablet and pen. These became my canvas and brush and gave me the ability to paint and draw. Which I have been doing for the last fifteen years.
Norma Dimaulo
May 02-Jun 08 2019 - 19 days left
My current body of subtle seascapes and landscapes demonstrates the ‘less is more’ viewpoint that defines who I am as an artist. The oil paintings offer an interpretation of nature that is pared down, fluid and serene. As a studio artist, I’m happy to live in Marin where inspiration envelops me.
Anne Shaheen
May 02-Jun 08 2019 - 19 days left
I’m a ReUse artist who’s always been drawn to items that are old, worn, rusted or broken, just waiting to be part of a story that will be interpreted only by the curious observer. I like to mix things up & allow the materials to lead the way. For me, it’s all about celebrating the natural patina that comes with age, and the beauty in imperfection.