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Aggregate Space Gallery
801 W. Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94607
Friday - Saturday: 1 - 5 pm

Orium IIl : An Art-Making Fundraiser for ASG
May 16-Jun 15 2019 - 26 days left
Aggregate Space Gallery is a place for a particular function. We have invited dozens of artists to come and create small, unique, and brand new editions of artworks to be sold to benefit the continued growth and stabilization of ASG. Over 3 weekends, we will open our doors for the public peer into this part of the artist's process; our goal is to create an aquarium-like public space wherein artists exchange resources, ideas, and activate the ASG facility in its entirety. Like many of the things ASG has supported over the years, this fundraiser is an opportunity to explore possibility, so come and watch it unfold. Art Sale and Opening: Fri, Jun 7, 6-10pm. Final Sale Night: Sat, Jun 15, 5-8pm.