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Rick Wester Fine Art
526 West 26th St, Suite 417, New York, NY 10001
Tuesday - Friday: 10 am - 5 pm

David Taylor, Marcos Ramirez Erre : DeLIMITations
Mar 14-Jun 01 2019 - 6 days left
David Taylor and Marcos Ramirez Erre conceived of DeLIMITations as a survey of the border between their respective countries as it existed in 1821. Setting out to mark a boundary that was never physically defined in its entirety, that original demarcation was eliminated following the Mexican-American War in 1848 and cost Mexico more than half its land--500,000 square miles worth.
Other News
Mar 30-Jun 01 2019 - 6 days left
Other News is an exhibition of works in varying mediums by three women inspired by disparate sources but who share a common thread in responding to a world of unconfined violence and its human toll. Artists: Justyna Badach, Ileana Hernandez, Donna Ruff.