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Open Source Gallery
306 17th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Wednesday - Saturday: 2 - 6 pm

Monica Jahan Bose: Seven Minutes on the B67
May 22-Jun 29 2019 - 40 days left
Monica Jahan Bose's work explores ideas about climate change and community by linking together communities across international borders as well communities very near each other. ''Seven Minutes on the B67'' focuses on Brooklyn, connecting Bangladeshi immigrants in the Kensington neighborhood with the residents living near Open Source Gallery in South Slope. ''Seven Minutes on the B67'' is part of Bose's ongoing ''Storytelling with Saris'' art and advocacy project. In this project, Bose uses the sari--eighteen feet of unstitched hand-woven cotton--to represent women’s lives and the cycle of life on our planet. Multilingual writing and text, especially by women, are emphasized as tools of empowerment and climate resilience.