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LIC Arts Open Gallery at The Factory
30-30 47th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101
718-581 6477
Daily: 9 am - 9 pm

Peter Goldwater, Eric Lawrence : Monoliths and Landscapes
May 16-Jun 14 2019 - 19 days left
Peter Goldwater's Menhir series are large, rough, loose, brawny stoneware monoliths settled into their spaces with certainty, but on close study, there are gaps in the armor, traces of color, gloss, and erosion. Eric Lawrence has made a series of speculative landscapes. Using the whiteness of porcelain that reflects and absorbs light, they draw forward the eye to try and make sense of shadows. Opening Reception: Thu, May 16, 5-8pm.
Untitled 1
May 16-Jun 14 2019 - 19 days left
Participating artists: Preston Trombly ; Lisa Zilker ; Donnelly Marks

This exhibition features over 40 artists working in a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, photography and installations. Artists: Zoran Crnkovic, Donnelly Marks, Megan Roper, Laura Harold, Becky Jane Rosen, Amy Pekal, Jason Bryant, Adriana Ruvalcaba, Michael Connors, Jean-Marie Guyaux, Maureen Altman, Sandra Vucicevic, Isabelle Schneider, Johnny Illescas, A. King McCarty, Nancy Miller, Jen O'Flaherty, June Kosloff, Kristen Leonard, Catt Caulley, Sonia O'Mara, Lisa Zilker, Sicheng Wang, Peter Goldwater, Genesis Jerez, Preston Trombly, Ivana Ng, Stephanie Mulvihill, Eric Lawrence. Curator: Richard Mazda. Opening Reception: Thu, May 16, 5-8pm.
Bark Frameworks : Unhinged
May 16-Jun 14 2019 - 19 days left
Unhinged features works by Bark Frameworks employees in a variety of media, ranging from sculpture to photography to painting. Curator: Chris Ream. Opening Reception: Thu, May 16, 5-8pm.