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November Solo Exhibitions {Online Exhibition}
Nov 01 - Nov 30 2021 - Last day
Featured Artists: Mandala artist Miyuki / Heart hope /kaku / Rmoo / FUJIYAMA BARON / Tadashi-NISHIMORI
COURAGE {Online exhibition}
Nov 01 - Nov 30 2021 - Last day
COURAGE Although it takes a lot of courage to let out what’s inside our minds, it seems to me that creating something out of it can be simply defined as human nature. Take your time to remember how easy it was for you to create something when you were a kid. Don’t forget to make most of the power that fundamentally resides in us human beings. We, JCAT, will take that COURAGE of ours to the world. Artists: Nobuyo Sakakibara / Yoshi / Ryo.S /Aya Abe / hirohiro /Rmoo / Yoko Kitazaki / NIKAU / Hiro Yamamoto /1k2an / Miho. G
THE GIFT 2021 {Online exhibition}
Dec 01 - Dec 31 2021
We have finally reached the last months of 2021. Is there anyone you were not able to express your gratitude to? We, the Japanese Contemporary Artist Team, will like to become everyone’s Santa Claus and bring the one and only LOVE to the world. Happy Holidays to Everyone. Artists: Takashi HATTORI / itsu / Ryo.S / Yoko Kitazaki / Rmoo / Kumi Hirose / Yoshi / Tadashi NISHIMORI / ke-ko / Hiromi’s Hana Art / NIKAU / makiko / hirohiro / AAA_chan / Kohei Urakawa / Kuusho Inoue / Megumi Kai / Nobuyo Sakakibara / Miho. G “THE GIFT 2021”
December Solo Exhibitions {Online Exhibition}
Dec 01 - Dec 31 2021
Yoshimi / Takaaki MANO / Natsue / Takashi HATTORI / Yoshi / R. ynt / Aya Abe / Miho. G