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Tuesday - Saturday: 11 am - 6 pm
Shoora Majedian : Damavand دماوند
May 07 - Jun 18 2022 - 28 days left
Mount Damavand, an active stratovolcano beneath Tehran, is the most elevated peak in Western Asia. Its cultural significance stems from Persian mythology. Mount Damavand has thus come to represent Iranian resistance against despotism and foregin rule in Persian poetry and literature. Shoora Majedian’s artistic practice mirrors this divergence. She examines personal memories while also considering both the emancipation and restrictions of her figures and the spaces they inhabit in her paintings. Vernissage: Sat, May 7, 5-8pm.
Mosie Romney : it's not My Music
May 07 - Jun 18 2022 - 28 days left
It’s not My Music is its own echo. In here, witnessing becomes a form of authorship. Drawing from their vintage photo archive, Mosie Romney looks, corrodes, grows, and imprints found memories into new worlds. Vernissage: Sat, May 7, 5-8pm.