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Theodore Boyer : Mystic. Mother. Lover.
Nov 10 - Dec 17 2022 - 15 days left
After a decade spent working in abstraction that mined the metaphysical and cosmological realms, the Los Angeles-based artist Theodore Boyer is reemerging with a new suite of narrative-based figurative paintings for Theodore Boyer: Mystic. Mother. Lover.
Ellen Jong : Future Eve
Nov 10 - Dec 17 2022 - 15 days left
Using ink as a conduit of time, Ellen Jong employs the ancient medium in a series of wall works and sculpture.
Robert Fontenot : Performance Documents (Part 1)
Nov 10 - Dec 17 2022 - 15 days left
Performance Documents (Part I), Robert Fontenot paints a series of performances by the fictional Sylvia Hansen (born August 30th, 1946), a Los Angeles-based, feminist artist active throughout the 1970s whose work draws on technology and mysticism to explore themes such as marriage, trust and the role feminism plays in both the personal and public spheres.