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André Butzer : Fränkische Tänze
Nov 05 - Jan 23 2023 - 49 days left
The electrifying, large-scale paintings in Fränkische Tänze all feature iterations of André Butzer’s iconic characters of the Woman, the Wanderer and the Friedens-Siemens, ever-evolving and present in his work since the late ’90s. In his recent paintings, they appear in single portraits, as floating heads and, once, as a cautious couple.
André Butzer : Thüringer Wald (Works on Paper 2001–2022)
Nov 05 - Jan 07 2023 - 33 days left
Thüringer Wald (Works on Paper 2001–2022) is a survey of the past two decades. This selection of works on paper captures the full expressive diversity of André Butzer’s practice. The formal range present in these works, reflects his thematic interest in the opposing poles of modernity: its horrors, particularly those of 20th century Germany, and its wonders.
André Butzer : Vaterländischer Gesang: Friedrich Hölderlin
Nov 05 - Jan 07 2023 - 33 days left
André Butzer : The figure of the Wanderer is at the center of Vaterländischer Gesang: Friedrich Hölderlin, in one monumental oil painting from 2016 and a series of five, delicate pencil drawings. In each composition, the Wanderer sits with his legs extended in front of him, so that his body forms a right angle mirroring the elemental pictorial directions.
Tony Matelli : Arrangements
Nov 12 - Dec 23 2022 - 18 days left
Tony Matelli’s perspectival reorientations of objects and ideas are most felt in his Arrangement series, where commonplace bouquets of flowers are upended and reified into miraculous and meticulously constructed sculptures.