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Never Apart
7049 St Urbain St Montreal

Ecological Ambisonic Recordings 001: Rainforest {Virtual Exhibition}
Apr 30 - Sep 26 2020 - 44 days left
The time accurate Ecological Ambisonic Sound Installation ‘EAR 001: Rainforest’ allows participants to step into an immersive experience of the Costa Rican rainforest. An algorithm interprets the ambisonic B format recording, recreating the sphere of sound in which the recording was initially made, and sending it to an array of speakers surrounding the visual installation. Lighting is simultaneously controlled to match the height of the sun at the time of day of the recording. Artists: James Benjamin, Danica Olders, Chipp Jansen. Virtual Opening: Thu, Apr 30, 6pm.
Danica Olders : L'homme à l'aise {Virtual Exhibition}
May 07 - Sep 26 2020 - 44 days left
Danica Olders : Territory can be experienced as the ownership of space and of self. The environment and objects in which the body designs and interacts with are carefully chosen out of necessity and routine. The space created in this installation, is a conversation between the past lives of discarded seats and their transformation into works of art. Their intended uses linger beneath the layers of application, adding voice to the overall theme. Meaning can be pieced together by connecting the relationship of the symbols employed, while physically navigating the space. In this installation, the works are made for the body, but not meant to be used by the body. The sculptures each have a particular voice and together communicate about the relationship between work and leisure, asking questions of each other and of you. Virtual Opening: Thu, May 7, 6pm.
Véronique Soucy : 10 {Virtual Exhibition}
May 21 - Sep 26 2020 - 44 days left
Véronique Soucy : This portraits series highlights 10 of the talented artists, musicians and activists in Montreal who help contribute to the creative scene and who inspire me immensely. Originally this series was apart of the annual 10×10 photography project in Toronto held at the Gladstone Hotel and is a testament to the diverse and culturally blooming city we live in while celebrating the people who continue to represent a queer perspective. Virtual Opening: Thu, May 21, 6pm.
Saad Al-Hakkak : Five Years / Twenty-Five Faces {Virtual Exhibition}
May 28 - Sep 26 2020 - 44 days left
We celebrate five years of Never Apart, and its music division NVA with Five Years / Twenty-Five Faces, twenty-five photographs by Saad Al-Hakkak that pay homage to the artists, activists and community members who we’ve collaborated with. This series is a glimpse into the figures who have contributed their talents to help shape Never Apart for half a decade, and who represent the fabric of our mission towards equality, togetherness and social change. We chose twenty-five of the hundreds of other collaborators we have worked with from 2015-2020. Virtual Opening: Thu, May 28, 6pm.
Eric Kostiuk Williams : Bathhouse At The End Of The World {{Virtual Exhibition}}
Jun 04 - Sep 26 2020 - 44 days left
Known for his fluid visual aesthetic and thoughtful insights into queer culture and urban upheaval, Eric Kostiuk Williams brings his cartooning and illustration practice further than ever into fantasy and formal experimentation, across several new pieces created specifically for the exhibition. The bacchanalia of early queer liberation makes a gentle, but deliberate pass at unformed, utopian potentiality, and time becomes a flat circle, inviting the living, dead, and not-yet-born into a cozy sauna that can fit several. Virtual Opening: Thu, Jun 4, 6pm.