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Lionel Smit : Verso {Online exhibition}
May 13 - Jun 01 2020 - 7 days left
Falling under the title ‘Verso’, this solo exhibition by Lionel Smit explores and celebrates the tactile nature of oil painting – its ability to render something visible and touchable that was seen or experienced. In his latest body of work, Smit is engaging with oil paint’s ability to reference the texture and elasticity of human skin. The models who feature in his recent paintings are rendered in bold brushwork and thickly impastoed colour. The textured surfaces that he creates are immediately visceral, and reminds of the texture of human skin with its folds, crevices and protrusions. Paint and canvas, colour and texture, all work together to give form to the female face.
Wilma Cruise : 1984: Fight or Flight? Apocalypse Now {Postponed}
May 31 - Jul 01 2020
1984: Fight or Flight? Apocalypse Now, focuses on the relationship between human and other animals. Like the seven consecutive solo shows that constitute the suite of works, The Alice Diaries, (2011 – 2018), the sequence will be realised in a succession of exhibitions. As in previous shows, this exhibition was motivated by an anxious awareness of environmental meltdown and crucially the current pandemic.