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Keteleer Gallery
Pourbusstraat 3 Antwerpen
+32 3 283 04 20
Wednesday - Saturday : 10h - 18h, Sunday : 12h - 18h
Luca Monterastelli
Sep 05 - Oct 18 2020 - 30 days left
Luca Monterastelli is developing and entirely individual, contemporary, sculptural vocabulary. His sculptures often consist of vertical, vaguely anthropomorphic forms, which create formal paradoxes that encourage the viewer to explore the work from up close. Opening Reception: Saturday, 5 September, 17h-21h.
Rebekka Löffler
Oct 24 - Nov 29 2020
Rebekka Löffler's paintings explore the interface between the explainable and intangible aspects of being. They demonstrate her reflection and response to the conditions and occurrences of life. Painful or rousing, subtle or sublime moments of life evoke the urgency to be shaped in all their states of matter and to be coloured in all shades in order to grasp and frame a cleared and decipherable image of life—an image that wants to question the representation of reality, and depict a multifaceted and fluid perception of life. Opening Reception: Saturday, 24 October, 17h-21h.