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Mana Contemporary | Jersey City
888 Newark Ave Jersey City
+1 201 604 2702
Saturday: 12 - 4 pm
A Message from the Underground
Nov 13 - Dec 30 2021 - 24 days left
Political, emotional and transcendental feelings about society and the universe we inhabit. These works explore our political climate, identity, gender issues, love, relationships and our sense of place in the world. Artists: Ryan Bonilla, Anthony E. Boone, Leandro Comrie, Osmeli Delgado, Maria De Los Angeles, Nick D’Ornellas, Deniz Eyuboglu, Jodi Gerbi, Al Grindstein, Ahrong Kim, Jay Christopher King, Sherri Miller, Kristianne Molina, Daniel Morowitz, Ronit Oanono, Greg Pallante, Robert Roest, Danielle Scott. Curator: Maria De Los Angeles.
Leandro Comrie