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The Charles Sills Memorial Group Art Exhibit: Belonging
Nov 11 - Dec 15 2022 - 13 days left
This exhibition is an exploration of how our community imagines and celebrates a collective vision of Belonging. Through art we can tell new stories and further important conversations that enrich our sense of community. Artists: Felix Ahearn, Jackie Allen, Malak Ayyash, Francesca Azzara, Marilyn Baldi, Jess Bell, Justin DeMattico, Kate Eggleston, Jenna Fedosh, Anna Jewel Gove, Jude Harzer, Kelsey Ivins, Jill Kerwick, Jane Kleiman, Louise Krasniewicz, Lea Lumière, Marie Maber, William Molloy, Lori Oakes, Cheri Pessutti, Bill Pierce, Sage Rafkind and Keishon Taylor, Michele Rath, Susan Roche, Carole Rogers, Lauren Rosenblum, Barbara Russo, Dug Smith, Jill Tavill, Sandy Taylor, Gina Torello, Carla Valentino, Gail Van Winkle, Emma Weatherspool. Curator: Elisa Elorza. Opening Reception: Nov 11, 6-8pm | Artist Talk: Thu, Dec 1, 6-7:30pm.
Kate Eggleston