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Vernita Nemec a.k.a. N'Cognita :
Oct 18 - Dec 17 2021 - 18 days left
The Weight of Paper: Endless Junkmail Scrolls is a response to the complexities surrounding the paper industry and the production of junk mail waste. Vernita Nemec a.k.a N'Cognita began the Endless Junkmail Scrolls project in 2006 as an environmental statement about the oppressive amounts of junk mail produced every year. Opening Program: Thu, Oct 28, 5-7pm.
Jeanne Silverthorne : What's Going On Here?
Nov 08 - Jan 08 2022 - 40 days left
Through cast rubber sculptures, Jeanne Silverthorne embraces her studio as a metaphor for abandonment, collapse, and entropy as it relates to the absurdity of social constructs and the misguided perceptions of stability and constancy. Opening Reception + Artist Talk: Mon, Nov 18, 5-7pm.