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Emily Erb : Gaia Theory
Oct 04 - Dec 21 2022 - 25 days left
In her collage and silk paintings, Erb embeds within the boundaries of a larger-than-life human form, navigational charts such as road, topography, and war campaign maps to represent the different facets of the human physiological system. Opening Reception: Thu, Oct 20, 5-7pm | Artist Talk: 4pm.
Nov 07 - Dec 21 2022 - 25 days left
This exhibition presents photography that through humor, theatrics, and playfulness reframes and fractures conventional, binary perceptions about culture, race, and gender identities to one that is diverse, interactive and layered. Artists: Naomieh Jovin, Tommy Kha, Wendy Red Star, Leonard Suryajaya. Opening Reception: Nov 17, 5:30-7:30pm.
Expanded View
Nov 16 - Dec 10 2022 - 14 days left
The Rowan University photography program in collaboration with the Rowan University Art Gallery is pleased to present Expanded View, a nationwide college/university student pop-up exhibition juried by Genevieve Gaignard. The works selected for the exhibition explore how representations of identity can be expanded beyond traditional one dimensional depictions. Artists: Lucia Araujo, Harmony Olivier Baker, Meredith Baubles, Quinn Bennett, Phoebe Bennink, T Block, Andrew Boynton, Hazel Dunning, Alex Eggleston, Grace Fox, Hailey Ip, Seyma Kaya, Alexander Laurent, Blake Masi, Hannah Misko, Hill Prater, Diego Ramirez Lassise, Lynsey Reynard, Cora Steffenson, Chang-Ching Su, Arthur Zamor. Curators: Danna Singer, Chad States, Mary Salvante. Opening Reception: Nov 17, 5:30-7:30pm.