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Carmelo Blandino
Aug 20 - Sep 01 2020
Where Carmelo Blandino has proved himself exceptional is coaxing forth of something deeper and greater from his subjects. His works unify raw, earthly sensuality with the transcendental, the ineffable: verve and vivacity interwoven with clarity and serenity.
Sophie DeFrancesca | Peter Hoffer
Sep 10 - Sep 22 2020
Sophie DeFrancesca’s new works are interpretations of the gowns and dresses of some of the most influential designers of the twentieth century including Dior, Chanel and Cassini. Peter Hoffer is known for his textural landscape paintings that employ a variety of new mediums and techniques.
Alexandre Masino
Oct 22 - Nov 03 2020
Alexandre Masino creates encaustic paintings where the richness, sensuality and versatility of the medium echo a minimal and contemplative imagery. Whether he uses landscapes, still lifes or nudes, we can relate his subject matters to some “intimate immensity”.
James Lahey : A Memoir (some cents of my life)
Nov 12 - Dec 03 2020
James Lahey : A Memoir (some cents of my life)
Shaun Downey
Dec 03 - Dec 15 2020
Shaun Downey strives to breath fresh life into realist painting by combining classical ideals within the context of his own life and surroundings.