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Black Artist' Network in Dialogue | Band Gallery
19 Brock Ave Toronto
+1 647 701 4323
Thursday - Saturday: 12 - 6 pm, Sunday: 1 - 5 pm
Jon Blak : Jonkonnu
Sep 01 - Apr 15 2022 - 137 days left
Jon Blak is a Toronto based photographer who uses digital photography to explore the nuanced cultural influences of Jamaica and Toronto, and the identities that form between.
Kacey Jeffers : Uniform
Sep 09 - Mar 31 2022 - 122 days left
Growing up in Nevis, Kacey Jeffers was intrigued by the human condition. Curious to know more he ventured, camera in hand, to New York City. A selection from his series, Uniform will be up on the fence at Band.
Emmanuel Oosahor : Conversations in the Garden
Oct 30 - Dec 12 2021 - 13 days left
Emmanuel Osahor’s practice engages with notions of beauty as a necessity for survival, and a pre-cursor to thriving. His works depict garden spaces as constructed sanctuaries within which manifestations of both beauty and care are present.