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Xpace Cultural Centre
303 Lansdowne Ave Unit 2 Toronto
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Tuesday - Saturday: 12 am - 6 pm
Kim Ninkuru : These Are My Reparations
Jan 13 - Feb 11 2023 - 13 days left
Conceptualized by Kim Ninkuru, These Are My Reparations is a sci-fi*, multi-media installation that directly addresses the way in which Black feminine people are taken, used and distorted for mass consumption.
Evgenia Mikhaylova | Sasha Shevchenko : What Has Hardened Will Never Win
Jan 13 - Feb 25 2023 - 27 days left
Evgenia Mikhaylova's work examines the ambiguous spaces of meaning-making, communication, language and epistemology through interdisciplinary research-based practice that investigates parallels between the ways we experience the world through our senses and interpret the knowledge we acquire. Through contemporary and ancient story-telling methods, Sasha Shevchenko creates suggestive installations where tradition, resistance, and identity have the space to whimsically extend into cultural futures. Closing Reception: Fri, Feb 17, 7-10pm.
Batteries Not Included
Jan 13 - Feb 25 2023 - 27 days left
Batteries Not Included explores how systems of capitalism and violence intersect with play and uphold social norms and dynamics of privilege and power. Artists: Michelle Cieloszczyk, Connor MacKinnon, Cassie Paine, SpekWork Studio, Lana Yuan⁠. Curator: Tristan Sauer. Closing Reception: Fri, Feb 17, 7-10pm.