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The Showroom
63 Penfold St London
+44 20 7724 4300
Wednesday - Saturday: 12 - 6 pm
Kay Abude : Be Creative Remain Resilient
Jul 29 - Jul 24 2024 - 302 days left
The Showroom Mural Commission 2023-24: Kay Abude - Be Creative Remain Resilient. Be Creative Remain Resilient is a collaborative project devised by Kay Abude. In her practice Abude opens up a broad inquiry into the nature of work and labour, exploring the politics of making, the economics associated with artistic practice, and the difficulties and precarities associated with creative careers, specifically among migrant communities.
Marianne Keating : An Ciúnas - The Silence
Oct 12 - Jan 13 2024
As an immersive, three-channel film installation, Marianne Keating brings together complex intersecting narratives addressing overlooked aspects of Irish migration during Ireland's colonial rule by Britain, and their enduring legacies in the present. Preview: Thu, 12 Oct, 6.30-8.30pm.