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Copeland Gallery
133 Copeland Rd, Peckham London
+44 20 7635 0000
Tuesday - Sunday: 1 - 10 pm
Sani Sani : Inxsanixty
Jan 19 - Jan 25 2021 - 5 days left
Sani Sani-Mohammed (Inxsanixty) is a contemporary visual artist. Inxsanixty work in a range of mediums, from digital art to wood and oil painting on canvas. Inxsanixty describes his work as poetry with a functional aspect to it.
Ines Fernandez de Cordova | Grizelda Kitching
Jan 26 - Feb 01 2021
Joint exhibition between artists Ines Fernandez de Cordova and Grizelda Kitching
Nadine Shaban
Feb 02 - Feb 08 2021
Nadine Shaban works across painting, sculpture and performance, manipulating found materials, often industrial and synthetic,
Rupert Hartley
Feb 09 - Feb 15 2021
Rupert Hartley : My paintings use formal geometries as a starting point to explore colour and the painting process.
The South London Review of Hand Dyers
Feb 16 - Feb 22 2021
The South London Review of Hand Dyers is the UK’s pre-eminent zine for dry humour. Published quarterly, the SLRoHD is a metaphorical shed where the leading lights of hand dryer criticism are forced to fight one another using similes and very sharp commas. Created by Wedgley Snipes.
J Price | Tess Williams
Feb 23 - Mar 01 2021
Two person show of artists J Price and Tess Williams