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Against Interpretation?
Jun 11 - Jul 11 2020 - 7 days left
In an age of sensory overload, with the relentless pressure to capture the essence of everything in a soundbite, tweet or image post, it may be harder than ever to resist the urge to try and decode art’s meaning, or neatly catalogue it within the #MeToo movement, or make glib assumptions regarding what it says about race or identity or gender politics. But this shouldn’t stop us trying. It is this exhibition’s hope that we allow ourselves to experience the “luminousness” of the objects in front of us. That we resist the urge to decode their meaning; to resist interpretation which, inevitably, is reductive and often gets in the way of really looking, feeling and hearing. Artists: Sanell Aggenbach, Bonita Alice, Emalie Bingham, Wilma Cruise, Claude Jammet, Kilmanyjo Liversage, Lady Skollie, Turiya Magadlela, Lucinda Mudge, Tanya Poole.
Deborah Bell : Sentinels (2020)
Sep 03 - Oct 03 2020
Sentinels (2020) is an exhibition of monumental sculptures and paintings. At the heart of the exhibition are eight towering, 2.5-metre-high sculptures, Sentinels (2020). Cast in bronze, their origins trace back to the series of nine sentinels the artist made in 2003. Those sentinels drew some of their inspiration from the columnar figures and statuary which Deborah Bell was looking at during this period; they became like guardians, observers occupying a place of stillness and reflection.