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Wednesday - Sunday: 11 am - 6 pm
Eugenio Dittborn : Airmail Paintings
Sep 18 - Dec 20 2020 - 55 days left
Eugenio Dittborn’s work in the UK since 1993, includes historical and new works, sent to the gallery using couriers, honouring his renowned use of airmail. Since the 1980s, Dittborn’s large-scale works have been folded and dispatched in airmail envelopes to galleries worldwide, surmounting restrictions of movement created by national borders, oppressive governments, and geographical distance.
Hollis Frampton
Sep 18 - Dec 20 2020 - 55 days left
This is the first retrospective of Hollis Frampton’s work in photography and xerography in the UK. The works on display in this exhibition point in to Frampton’s films and theoretical writing and out to a much broader set of reflections on time, the history of photography, and codes and conventions within advertising imagery. They are also replete with idiosyncratic humour.
Fallopé and the Tubes
Mar 12 - Apr 11 2021
Fallopé and the Tubes is a Glasgow-based multidisciplinary performance group comprised of Sarah Messenger, Emma McIntyre, Ruby Pester, Nadia Rossi, Rachel Walker and Catherine Weir. Their shows unfold as frenzied love songs to sisterhood and community; incorporating wildly contrasting musical styles with keenly crafted low budget costumes and visuals. Fallopé and the Tubes operate through numerous collaborations with other artists, musicians and performers. For their project at Goldsmiths CCA they will explore magic and anarchy to perform songs about life, death, shagging, zero hour contracts and how we’re going to live in the future.