❮ New Mexico
708 1st St NW Albuquerque
+1 505 766 9412
Mosaic & Mosaic-Like
Feb 03 - Apr 02 2023 - 5 days left
This exhibit will feature New Mexico artists creating Mosaics with traditional materials as well as artists whose work is created in a Mosaic-Like style: Betty Busby, Theresa Cashman, Patricia Halloran, Erika Harding, Maria Jonsson, Holly Kuehn, Terri Lagerway, Caroline LeBlanc, Rudy J. Miera, Vivienne Riggio, Laura Robbins, Judith Roderick, Larry Schulte, Cassandra Shaw, Cirrelda Snider-Bryan, Terry Storch.
Friends of the Orphan Sign Retrospective
Apr 07 - Apr 30 2023
Friends of the Orphan Signs (FOS) invites you to come explore an immersive retrospective. FOS is a public art and educational organization that revitalizes abandoned road signs along historic Route 66. Opening Reception Date: Fri, Apr 7, 5pm.