❮ New Mexico
Light Art Space
209 W Broadway St Silver City
+1 520 240 7075
Thursday - Saturday: 11 am - 5 pm
Beauty Where You Find It
May 06 - Jun 26 2022 - 39 days left
An exhibition to honor the recipients of the Dennis Rousel Awards. Artists: Luther Gerlach, Tina Rowe, Susan Bryant, Karen Hymer, Elizabeth Ellenwood, Megan Bent, Brenton Hamilton, Julia Martin, Gregory Brophy, Lesha Rodriguez, Kaitlyn Danielson, Chris Bennett, Kathryn Mayo, Denis Roussel, David Russo, Ole Brodersen, Gerardo Stübing, Maria Isabel LeBlanc, Robert Treat, Anna Rotty, Melanie Walker. Reception: Fri, May 6, 5-7pm.