❮ Santa Fe
Ventana Fine Art
400 Canyon Rd Santa Fe
Monday - Saturday: 9:30 am - 5 pm, Sunday: 10 am - 4 pm
Natasha Isenhour : Earth and Sky
Jun 05 - Jun 05 2020
Natasha Isenhour is known for her striking still life paintings and atmospheric, representational landscapes. Opening Reception: Fri, Jun 5, 5-7pm.
Rebecca Tobey | Jean Richardson : Strength, Grace, and Movement
Jun 19 - Jun 19 2020
Rebecca Tobey’s sculptures are characterized by a spiritual intensity and a style that was both sophisticated and primal. Jean Richardson's paintings are a kaleidoscope of raw power, movement, and fractured form and color. Opening Reception: Fri, Jun 19, 5-7pm.
Marshall Noice : Woodland Enchantment
Jul 17 - Jul 17 2020
Marshall Noice : My paintings are made in response to things I see in the natural world. They capture a place at a particular time. And they capture a moment in my sensibility. My overriding goal as a painter is to create a work, an artifact if you will, that resonates with the spirit of the landscape that inspired me to begin painting. Opening Reception: Fri, Jul 17, 5-7pm.
John Axton : Waves, Windows, and Abstraction
Jul 31 - Jul 31 2020
John Axton's minimal horizons - even a single marble - draw the viewer into the canvas to peacefully contemplate the fusion of reality and imagination. Opening Reception: Fri, Jul 31, 5-7pm.
Indian Market – All Artist Show
Aug 14 - Aug 14 2020
Indian Market – All Artist Show
Martha Braun : Step into the Future
Aug 28 - Aug 28 2020
Martha Braun : My paintings are a complex exploration of the relationships that exist between the interaction of color, line, space and movement. How each of these influences one another to create the visual entity which is an abstract painting. Opening Reception: Fri, Aug 28, 5-7pm.
Tamar Kander : Topography of Color
Oct 02 - Oct 02 2020
My work is neither figurative nor abstract, rather I see it as a metaphor for experience. Opening Reception: Fri, Oct 2, 5-7pm.