❮ Santa Fe
Turner Carroll Gallery
725 Canyon Rd Santa Fe
Saturday - Thursday: 10 am - 6 pm, Friday: 10 am - 7 pm
Hunt Slonem : Fluffle
May 15 - Jun 14 2020 - 20 days left
Inspired by nature and his sixty pet birds, Hunt Slonem is best known for his distinct Neo-Expressionist oil paintings of bunnies, butterflies, and the tropical birds in his personal aviary. His lavishly colored canvases are populated with birds rendered with thick brushstrokes. Opening Reception: Fri, May 15, 5-7pm.
Drew Tal : New Work
Jun 19 - Jul 12 2020
Drew Tal‘s work plays with the intersection of western and eastern perceptions of young children, where the girl acts as both the embodiment of her traditional, cultural role, and a sexually charged commodity to westerners. Through the presence of the natural and entirely delicate dove, Tal insists that the child retains a sense of innocence despite the opposing cultural claims, indicating that norms and values are inscribed onto children rather than naturally existing. Opening Reception: Fri, Jun 19, 5-7pm.
Raphaelle Goethals : New Work
Jul 17 - Aug 09 2020
Raphaelle Goethals is an artist from Belgium who now lives and works in New Mexico. She creates atmospheric paintings, often with a grid of small spaces where the eye can rest. Goethals sees the sky as our sea in her beloved New Mexico, often referring to it as a “liquid sky.” Opening Reception: Fri, Jul 17, 5-7pm.
Scott Greene | Walter Robinson
Sep 11 - Oct 11 2020
Scott Greene and Walter Robinson are New Mexico artists working in the big themes: the natural world, and its relationship to the built environment. The easy thing to say is that Scott creates negative utopian worlds where nature seeks her revenge. The truth of his work is much more nuanced: his use of oil paint is the finest. Walter Robinson uses natural materials like wood from his old trees to fashion weapons, carts, animals all with the precision of a fine furniture maker. Scott’s and Walter’s works crash together brilliantly in a kind of “unnatural selection.” Opening Reception: Fri, Sep 11, 5-7pm.