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Monday - Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm, Sunday 11 am - 4 pm
Suchitra Bhosle
Nov 20 - Nov 26 2020 - Last day
The beauty of the female figure fascinates Suchitra and has been her focus. She strives to depict the atmosphere of the setting, and the mood of the model. She is aided in this by her study of the technical anatomical underpinnings that provide the foundation of her paintings, and the knowledge of use of color.
Ricardo Fernandez Ortega
Dec 04 - Dec 10 2020
Ricardo Fernandez Ortega's way of adding and subtracting light and carefully controlling rich dark, luscious tones resembles great 17th-century Spanish masters such as Diego Velazquez. His intuitive ways of using lights and darks (chiaroscuro), takes us to a mysterious, sometimes surreal space, where women wear elegant armor, extravagant headdresses and exist in empty terrains while participating in strange, but fantastical and dream-like activities.
Michael Workman
Dec 18 - Dec 24 2020
Much of Michael Workman's work includes some architectural influence similar to the Baroque period when many artists were also draftspersons.