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Peter Burega : The Sky Lies Open
Oct 23 - Jan 23 2021 - 3 days left
Peter Burega confers a personal vision of nature in his art as an intangible, ethereal place of light and color. His meditative abstract paintings take visual cues from the natural world, but preserve a quality of mystery that distills his scenes into a weightless dance of elements: light, color, shadow, and temperature.
Woody Gwyn : The Earth, The Air, The Water
Dec 04 - Jan 23 2021 - 3 days left
Though he works with a realist sensibility, Woody Gwyn transfigures his landscapes through a series of artistic decisions concerning subject matter and composition that embrace the subtle and the unusual.
Ynez Johnston | Leonard Edmondson
Dec 11 - Jan 23 2021 - 3 days left
Ynez Johnston and Leonard Edmondson were mid-20th century American modernists and lifelong friends. Each created art that sought to bridge the personal and the universal, treating their mutual inspirations—the art of Paul Klee and the European Surrealists—as points of departure. Where Edmondson articulated softly toned organic shapes within liquid space in his works on paper, Johnston created colorful, fantastical landscapes and bronze sculpture redolent with abstract symbolism.