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Giacobbe Fritz Fine Art
702 Canyon Rd Santa Fe
+1 505 986 1156
Sunday - Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm
Winter Promotion 2023
Feb 01 - Mar 31 2023 - 4 days left
Artists: Bruce Cascia, Connie Dillman, Geoffrey Gorman, Mark Gould, Kenneth Green, Britt Gusterman, Rebecca Haines, Melinda K. Hall, Stephanie Hartshorn, Katrina Howarth, Deb Kaylor, Peggy McGivern, Charlie Meckel, Sandra Pratt, Albert Scharf, Ben Steele, Mary Alayne Thomas, Copper Tritscheller, Wendeline Matson
Peggy McGivern
Apr 01 - Apr 30 2023
Peggy McGivern tends to work in series and is drawn to a color palette reminiscent of the 40's: rich, toned colors of burnt orange, rusty red, subtle brass, lime green, warm plum, and soft charcoal.
Ben Steele
May 01 - May 31 2023
Ben Steele enjoys utilizing the processes of the old masters with a contemporary sensibility.
Kenneth Green
Jun 01 - Jun 30 2023
Kenneth Green's paintings explore the relationship between the physicality of paint and canvas and the experience of light and space, particularly as it evokes feelings of joy and serenity.