❮ Santa Fe
form & concept
435 S Guadalupe St Santa Fe
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm
Mar 27 - Jun 13 2020 - 19 days left
Consilience started as a solo exhibition for Brian Fleetwood (Mvskoke Creek), a Santa Fe jewelry artist who teaches at the Institute of American Indian Arts. The scope of the show quickly expanded, as Fleetwood’s transdisciplinary, highly collaborative philosophy guided the curatorial process. Fleetwood selected mentors who helped shape his artistic path, and recent students who he has ushered into dedicated creative practices. The result is a biographical display that incorporates Fleetwood’s wearable explorations of biology and ecology, embedded within a larger web of artists who are part of his story.
Belt Buckle Expo
Mar 27 - Jun 13 2020 - 19 days left
The World Champion Belt Buckle Competition returns to form & concept to challenge expectations of the buckle.
Live Wire
May 01 - Jun 13 2020 - 19 days left
The Española Valley Fiber Arts Center welcomes you to participate in the 2020 New Mexico Fiber Crawl: this Call for Artists is for an invitational and juried show, titled Live Wire, organized in collaboration with form & concept gallery. Live Wire will explore fiber's remarkable ability to conduct world-changing ideological currents. The national group show of contemporary fiber artists anchors this year’s New Mexico Fiber Crawl, which unfolds across the state throughout the month of May. Description Deadline: March 1, 2020.
Digital Craft
May 01 - Jul 08 2020 - 44 days left
Opening alongside Live Wire and presented as an official satellite show of the Currents New Media Festival, this display of craft objects with digital elements literally electrifies studio craft disciplines. The featured artists utilize new media to illuminate the concepts or processes behind artworks in fiber, ceramic, glass and more.
Scout Dunbar : Atrium Series
May 15 - Jul 18 2020 - 54 days left
Scout Dunbar grew up on a horse farm in Ithaca, New York, and her mother is an artist who makes quilts and stained glass. Dunbar draws from a rich pool of childhood memories for this solo exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculptures occupying multiple levels of the gallery’s atrium space. In material and composition, the works reference numerous fine art and craft traditions. Dunbar tangoes with Paul Gauguin’s cloisonnist paintings and Marc Chagall’s stained glass masterpieces, and uses paper fibers to evoke cloth.
Summer Show
Jun 16 - Aug 15 2020
Collections collide in this summer display incorporating work from both form & concept and Zane Bennett Contemporary Art. For the first time ever, artworks by the represented artists of form & concept appear beside masterworks from Zane Bennett’s print collection. The pairings draw direct lines of influence from groundbreaking artists of the past to contemporary artists who are pushing boundaries today.
Family Room
Jun 26 - Aug 15 2020
This functional and modular living room installation, designed by a national consortium of LGBTQ+ artists, is a stage for visual artworks and performances that examine queer domestic space and the chosen family.
She Dances Like A Bomb
Jul 31 - Sep 12 2020
Artists Debra Baxter and Dawn Cerny curate this national group show of sculptors who are all linked to Bard College’s legendary studio arts program. Baxter, who lives in Santa Fe, was one of form & concept’s first represented artists. Her work is in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and she is a 2019 recipient of a Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters & Sculptors Grant. She Dances Like A Bomb unites a remarkable circle of sculptors that challenges the legacies of minimalism and postminimalism from many angles.
C. Alex Clark | Darcy Rosenberger : Atrium Series
Jul 31 - Sep 12 2020
Two artists who use light and shadow as primary materials meet in midair in this two-person show. C. Alex Clark draws inspiration from Robert Fludd’s 17th century masterwork Utriusque Cosmi in a series of layered holographic sculptures, while Darcy Rosenberger evokes the densely detailed abstractions of Middle Eastern art in laser cut acrylic sculptures and mixed-media drawings. Both will utilize suspended space in the gallery’s atrium for a show that explores personal identity through distortions of light and space.
We Are The Seeds
Aug 12 - Oct 17 2020
Now in its fourth year, We Are The Seeds is an arts festival that unites a community of Indigenous creatives in Santa Fe each August. For this companion exhibition, Seeds co-directors Tailinh Agoyo and Paula Mirabal build a dimensional biography of the project’s inception and growth through stories of the artists who’ve contributed along the way. The exhibition opens the night before the 2020 festival launches just a few blocks away in the Santa Fe Railyard Park.
Brett Kern
Sep 25 - Nov 14 2020
“Something has survived,” reads the tagline for the 1997 movie, Jurassic Park: The Lost World. Undeniably, something has survived: Brett Kern’s infatuation with the pop culture of his formative years. The 80s and 90s are still in full swing in this solo exhibition of ceramic sculptures by the Pittsburgh artist. Keep an eye out for “inflatable” dinosaurs made from porcelain and other critters that captured the imagination of late-20th-century audiences.
Pascal Emmer : Atrium Series
Sep 25 - Nov 14 2020
Pascal Emmer conjuries allegories from the cracked textures, vibrant hues and organic or geologic forms of his ceramics, presented from the perspective of a speculative fiction writer. The Santa Fe artist’s new body of work, sub/terre/fuge, is a speculative tale about transgenic hybridity, mycoremediation, and queer love. It speaks in the language of mycelium—the infinite underground networks that sustain us in a time of irradiated and toxic landscapes. This series of ceramic work is but one branch of a network that dreams of a future otherwise.
In Camera: Craft in Photography
Oct 30 - Dec 23 2020
In Camera is the second in a series of form & concept exhibitions exploring intersections between craft media and photography. In the 2018 show Hand/Eye, artists from across the United States utilized photography at some point in their process to create highly dimensional, craft-based works. In Camera spotlights photographers who work in camera, utilize alternative processes, or physically manipulate their medium in the darkroom, imbuing prints with the handmade quality of craft objects.
Erin Mickelson : Atrium Series
Nov 27 - Jan 23 2021
Erin Mickelson’s work first appeared at form & concept in the 2019 book art exhibition Superscript. She often creates books that serve as initial containers for concepts that leap into other formats. Through installation, projection, and traditional book and print media, this solo exhibition touches on the meaning and mechanics of perception, the way our minds react to dissonance, and the way we each experience time.