❮ Santa Fe
EVOKE Contemporary
550 S Guadalupe St Santa Fe
Monday - Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm
Soey Milk
Aug 28 - Sep 19 2020 - Last day
With highly-refined and meticulously executed graphite drawings to complex, dreamlike oil paintings of ethereal young women suspended in fluttering robes of richly-patterned fabrics drenched in color, Soey Milk drifted onto the art scene like a sultry summer storm. These expertly rendered, euphoric scenarios entice viewers to yearn for understanding of Soey’s mysterious world. Her enchanting sirens and floating dreamscape imagery are common threads throughout her art, yet she is continually exploring and experimenting with surprising new mediums and methods.
Kent Williams
Sep 25 - Oct 24 2020
Kent Williams has built up a formidable reputation as a powerful contemporary painter. His is a bold realism with combined attributes of abstraction and neo-expressionistic sensibilities. His work is characterized by strong gestural forms combined with areas of arresting detail, rendered with rich dynamic brushwork.
Gugger Petter
Oct 30 - Nov 21 2020
Gugger Petter : My work is most often based on an oversized image, where line between abstraction and representation of image is slightly blurred, and where surface, subject matter, color and content all convey tension between opposites. I think most people view my works as "weaving-paintings". At first view my works are perceived as paintings, but with a closer look they recognize that the material is newspaper, and they are surprised.
Seth Armstrong
Nov 07 - Dec 19 2020
The foundations of Seth Armstrong’s urban landscape paintings, the ground upon which his folk-infused hyperrealism and Hudson River School charisma are composed and layered, is the influence of the Dutch Masters whose work he studied during the formative years of his career. From that art historical legacy Armstrong has derived a primordial fascination with the affecting emotional quality of warm and cold light and complex shadows, and with how to render the tactile quality of luminosity with the tools of a painter.
Holiday Group Exhibition
Dec 26 - Jan 23 2021
Holiday Group Exhibition