❮ Santa Fe
Blue Rain Gallery
544 S Guadalupe St Santa Fe
Monday - Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm
Invitational Glass Show
Jun 12 - Jul 04 2020 - Last day
Invitational Glass Show Curated by Shelley Muzylowski Allen. Glass Blowing Demonstrations, Panel Discussions, lectures and more special events to be announced in conjunction with this exhibition. Artist Reception: Fri, Jun 12, 5-7pm.
Nathan Bennett | Bryce Pettit : New works
Jun 26 - Jul 11 2020 - 7 days left
Two Man Show: New works by Nathan Bennett and Bryce Pettit. Artist Reception: Fri, Jun 26, 5-7pm.
Billy Schenck | Roseta Santiago : Two Masters of the West
Jul 31 - Aug 15 2020
Two Masters of the West: Billy Schenck and Roseta Santiago. Artist Reception: Fri, Jul 31, 5-7pm.
Erin Currier : Muse in Motion: Athletes and Activism
Sep 11 - Sep 26 2020
Erin Currier : Muse in Motion: Athletes and Activism. Artist Reception: Fri, Sep 11, 5-7pm.
Jim Vogel : Dichos en Nichos
Sep 25 - Oct 10 2020
Jim Vogel deftly weaves color and emotion, detail and shape into paintings that reflect life and land in New Mexico. Artist Reception: Fri, Sep 25, 5-7pm.
Doug West : New Landscape Paintings
Oct 09 - Oct 24 2020
Doug West has been capturing the magical skies and environment of the great Southwest for over 30 years. The Southwest is my rich pallet for creative inspiration. Time spent out on the land is where I feel most grounded. Watching the sky's changing light, with heroic cloud forms overhead ... these feed my artist's eye. Artist Reception: Fri, Oct 9, 5-7pm.