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Innovation to Icon: 150 Years of Cable Cars
Jul 01 - Sep 30 2023 - 7 days left
From technological innovation to an icon synonymous with San Francisco, our cable car system has endured for 150 years. This exhibition draws on the collections of the San Francisco History Center and San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SF MTA) Photo Archive to explore and celebrate this rich and complex history. Cable cars rolled into the local transit scene on August 2, 1873, as a new solution to traversing San Francisco’s notoriously hilly geography. Within twenty years, they hit peak operation with eight companies running lines from the Ferry Building to Golden Gate Park.
Mission Gráfica: Reflecting a Community in Print
Aug 26 - Dec 17 2023 - 85 days left
The San Francisco graphic arts workshop, Mission Gráfica, has been a locus of diversity and cultural ferment since 1982, producing stunning prints addressing issues of importance, not only to the San Francisco Bay Area, but nationally and globally. The exhibition, comprised of 42 prints, reflects an enormous variety of styles, approaches and sensibilities. The artists range from non-professional and emerging artists to well-known figures such as Enrique Chagoya, Carmen Lomas Garza, Mildred Howard, Jean La Marr, Nancy Hom, Rupert Garcia and Ester Hernandez.
50 Years of Planet Drum
Sep 02 - Jan 07 2024 - 106 days left
ibition, explore Planet Drum’s archival “art bundles,” comprised of individual essays, poetry, graphics and posters, each printed separately and then assembled unbound into an envelope. Planet Drum was founded in 1973 in San Francisco to provide an effective grassroots approach to ecology that emphasizes sustainability, community self-determination and regional self-reliance. There will be several rotations during the course of the exhibit, so check back to see what each new art bundle entails.