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Silent Spikes
Jan 19 - May 22 2022 - 6 days left
Following in the Footprints of Chinese Railroad Workers. Photographer Li Ju travelled the entire route of the Transcontinental Railroad seven times to chronicle the historic achievement of uniting the United States from East to West with the construction of the railroad. In this 30-panel exhibition, Li Ju places his contemporary photos next to the historic photos to show the tremendous accomplishments of the largely anonymous 12,000–20,000 Chinese workers who built the railroad.
More Than a Wall
Feb 12 - May 22 2022 - 6 days left
Border Communities and Their Social Justice Movements. The border is not just geography, or a wall or a river. For people crossing it, it is a passage of fire, an ordeal that must be survived in order to send money from work in the US back to a hungry family, to find children and relatives separated by earlier journeys, or to flee an environment that has become too dangerous to bear. But the border is also a land of the living. This bilingual exhibition explores these aspects of the border region. Taken over a period of 30 years, the photographs trace the changes in the border wall itself, and the social movements in border communities, factories and fields. The photographs have been taken by David Bacon in a collaborative project with the Binational Front of Indigenous Organizations, the Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras and California Rural Legal Assistance. The project is being published by the Colegio dela Frontera Norte in a bilingual book, More Than a Wall.